Marco Alcocer

Book Project

From Drug Cartels to Criminal Enterprises: Government Crackdowns, Organized Crime, and State Capture.

Working Papers

"Drug Wars, Organized Crime Expansion, and State Capture: Evidence from Mexico" ( job market paper )
- [Draft]

"Women Politicians and Violence Against Women: Evidence from Mexico" (with Rachel Skillman and Angie Torres-Beltran). Under review.
- [​Draft] Pre-Analysis Plan: [pdf] [OSF Registry]

"​Supplemental Online Resources Improve Data Litaracy Education" (with Leonardo Falabella, Alex Lange, Maureen Feeley, and Nicholas Smith). Under review.
- [​Draft] Pre-Analysis Plan: [pdf] [EGAP Registry]

"Increasing Intergovernmental Coordination to Fight Crime: Evidence from a Police Reform in Mexico"
- [Draft]

"Organized Crime Dynamics and Violence Against State Officials in Mexico" (with Megan Erickson)
- [Draft]

Work in Progress

"Killing the Law: Understanding Why Criminal Organizations Assassinate Law Enforcement Officers"

"Organized Crime and Violence Against Migrants in Mexico”

"The Impact of Party Alternation on Institutional Quality: Evidence from Police Departments” (with Rodrigo Canales and Alina Bitran)

In Preparation

"Cutting Hydra’s Head: Leadership Decapitation and Patterns of Cartel Fragmentation”

Understanding Community Policing in Mexico (with Rodrigo Canales and Alina Bitran)

Investigating Organized Crime

Violence Research and the Dilemma of Policy Engagement (with Hannah Baron)